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“Eureka” – A Greek word meaning “I have found it” is the state motto of California.  Archimedes is believed to have yelled “Eureka” after discovering a method to test the purity of gold.  For California, it’s in reference to the discovery of gold.

We at Entitle Direct can offer Californians another reason to shout “Eureka” – you have the potential to save more money on your title insurance premiums when you buy, sell or refinance your home!

Save Money By Comparing Rates

Under California law, every title insurer, underwritten title company and controlled escrow company must file its schedule of rates, forms, and any rate modifications with the California Insurance Commissioner.  However, unlike many states, title insurance rates in California can vary by title insurance company.  Comparing these rates can save you money.

Title insurers and title companies may offer different costs or services for title insurance. In California, you may choose one company for escrow services and another for title insurance.

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Who Pays For The Title Insurance In California?

In many states, the buyer pays and thus chooses the title insurance company.  However, in California, that is not always the case.  In southern California, it’s customary for the seller to purchase the title insurance for the buyer.  In most of Northern California, based on county, it’s customary for the seller to pay.  Regardless of who pays for the policy, reducing the cost of title and settlement services can benefit both parties significantly. We strongly recommend that both parties shop around for the lowest cost title and escrow solution as early as possible in the transaction process.

In California, homeowners may choose to purchase standard coverage through the California Land Title Association, or they may extend their coverage by selecting a policy through the American Land Title Association.

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