Consumer Complaint Policy

Entitle Direct takes all complaints seriously and considers the complaint process critical to maintaining excellent customer service as well as address any issues that may arise during the title and settlement process. Customer Complaints are defined as any time a consumer, lender, realtor, mortgage broker, title agent or other direct or indirect client of ours indicates dissatisfaction with an aspect of our service, pricing, or claim handling.

Customer Complaint management depends on the type of complaint and level of response necessary.

Complaint categories:

  • Service
  • Financial error related to disbursement
  • Pricing (quoting)
  • Claims
  • Regulatory (including complaints filed with any Better Business Bureau (“BBB”) or the Department of Insurance)

Complaint Intake:

Entitle Direct has set up multiple avenues for submitting complaints to ensure they are addressed:
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Corporate Web Site
  • Regular Mail
All complaints are documented on a standard Customer Complaint Intake Form. These Customer Complaint Intake Forms summarize the complaints and describe the process for their resolution. All Customer Complaint Intake Forms are retained for at least 24 months in Entitle Direct’s archives.

Complaint Resolution:

Entitle Direct empowers its employees to resolve service level complaints immediately in order to avoid disruption in the title and settlement process with approval from their office manager. Any complaints that cannot be resolved within one hour are escalated to our Complaint Committee Chairperson (defined below).

Financial and Pricing complaints are immediately routed to the manager of the corresponding service center. Managers have the authority to resolve these complaints up to $1,000. Issues that involve pricing or financial errors exceeding this amount are routed to the President of EnTitle Insurance Company for review and resolution. Any complaints that mention or involve a possible claim are immediately routed to Entitle Direct’s claims department. Claims are immediately logged and a confirmation and receipt is returned to the policyholder. Claims are reviewed by claims counsel and the Claims Committee of Entitle Direct. Any complaints received through our corporate website or email are logged into our complaint management database and assigned to the appropriate office for resolution. Resolutions are recorded into the database for tracking purposes. Any complaints filed through a regulatory body or any BBB are immediately routed to the President of EnTitle Insurance Company. Confirmation of these complaints is made within 24 hours. Following a review of the file and complaint, a response is required within at least 14 days (unless the regulator requires a response within a shorter time period).

Not every complaint filed with Entitle Direct will be the responsibility or the obligation of Entitle Direct; however, we are dedicated to reviewing and pursuing a complete resolution for each complaint that is both satisfactory to the customer and Entitle Direct.

The management team of Entitle Direct shall maintain a special committee dedicated to reviewing all consumer complaint activity (the “Complaints Committee”). The Complaints Committee shall consist of five to eight members and meet at least once a quarter to discuss client complaints.

The Complaint Committee is led by a chairperson (the “Chairperson”). The Chairperson is copied on all complaint related correspondence from the intake of the complaint to any interactions with the customer who lodged the complaint. While we empower our specialists to resolve complaints directly with clients, all clients shall be notified that they have the right to interface directly with the Chairperson regarding their complaint if they so desire.

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