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Mortgage risk a mixed bag in changing market

Published: 16 Oct 2017

There are a number of different ways to define mortgage risk, but perhaps the most common is simply defined as the likelihood that will homeowners fall behind on their home loan payments and slide into delinquency and default. Over the past several years, this form of mortgage risk has fallen sharply thanks to the improving economy, but other types still linger - and experts say the latter could become bigger issues for the market as a whole going forward.

Homes becoming more affordable, but how much does that help shoppers?

Published: 12 Oct 2017

The ups and downs of the housing market in recent months have come for a variety of reasons. When home sales have fallen, it has largely been because of a constrained inventory, which consequently leads to higher prices. At the same time, higher prices haven't scared off would-be buyers to this point, though experts caution that home values and mortgage rates alike will probably continue rising for some time to come, depressing affordability even more.

Florida issue highlights need for title insurance

Published: 03 Oct 2017

Title insurance is "just one of those things" many homebuyers or sellers may accept as part of the sales process without really understanding what it is or why it's important. To many, it may be just another added expense for them to cover, but it can be crucial in certain situations. One recent situation in Florida highlights why.

New home sales drop even as prices fall

Published: 28 Sep 2017

Across the country, many Americans have found it difficult to buy a home simply because of a lack of available, affordable properties for sale. Starter homes and even trade-ups have been the subject of intense bidding wars for months now, but these issues seemed to come to a head in August, when new home sales dropped despite an increase in inventory and falling prices.

Can first-time buyers find their footing in fall?

Published: 25 Sep 2017

The housing market hasn't been easy for first-time buyers over the past two years. As the economy improved and more people found themselves able to afford a home purchase, many Americans - particularly young adults - flooded the market, significantly increasing competition and driving home prices upward while mortgage rates stayed low. Fortunately, the fall may provide first-time shoppers with a little relief.

New buyers face shortage of starter homes

Published: 21 Sep 2017

Millions of young adults across the U.S. may now have dreams of homeownership, but they often might not be able to find the properties that fit their specific needs. That's because there's a clear lack of lower-priced, smaller homes that are ideal for first-time buyers available in most major housing markets nationwide. Moreover, it's an issue that's not likely to be sorted out any time soon.

First-time buyers hold significant sway in housing market

Published: 19 Sep 2017

When the portion of the mortgage market taken up by homebuyers, rather than refinancers, was in the doldrums, industry experts remained assured of one fact. If and when the millennial generation in particular was able to shift into buying mode, sales would take off like a shot. Now, that's finally starting to happen in earnest, and indeed, it's now expected to continue for some time.

Still many positive indicators in the housing market

Published: 14 Sep 2017

As the summer comes to a close, many housing industry veterans might expect the market to cool down with the temperature. However, the last several months have shown that this is no ordinary housing market, and the activity seen within it during the month of August may portend a stronger autumn than has been common in recent years.

First-time buyers more active, face inventory, cost issues

Published: 12 Sep 2017

One of the driving forces in the housing sector over the past few years has been interest among first-time buyers because they represent such a large percentage of the overall market. With this fact in mind, it should come as no surprise that their buying power only continues to grow as the economy improves, and in the second quarter of 2017, their activity reached levels not seen in nearly two decades.

Mortgage risk dropping in recent months

Published: 11 Sep 2017

Mortgage risk was perhaps one of the biggest concerns in the housing market as a whole over the past several years, and many lenders may still be cautious about the issue even now, years after the recession came to an end. However, while problems with home loans - both before and after they've been signed - persist, they're at some of the lowest levels seen in quite some time.

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