Pennsylvania Homebuyers & Homeowners

Whether you get to wake up every day and get to walk past the iconic Liberty Bell in Philly or drive over the Fort Duquesne bridge and see the beautiful skyline of Pittsburgh, you know – it’s great being a proud homeowner in Pennsylvania!

We at Entitle Direct can offer you another reason why it’s great to live in PA – you have the potential to save more money on your title insurance premiums when you buy or refinance your home!

Entitle Direct is a different kind of title insurance company that helps empower savvy consumers to take control of their mortgage process and reduce their closing costs.  Licensed in 40 states, we have endeavored to file title insurance premiums in most of those states at up to a 25% discount.  However, there is one state in which we believe that we can save consumers as much as 35% on their title insurance premiums – that would be in the Keystone state!  These potential closing cost savings can range from hundreds to even thousands of dollars depending on the size of your mortgage loan or home purchase price. 

Most of our competitors in Pennsylvania filed the same title insurance premiums through the Title Insurance Rating Bureau of Pennsylvania or "TIRBOP" for short. We are not a member of TIRBOP and our title insurance premium rates are currently 35% below TIRBOP's Company or Agent Procedure rates. 

Title Insurance Premium Comparisons for Purchase Transactions in Pennsylvania


Title Insurance Premium Comparisons for Refinance Transactions in Pennsylvania


Not only can we potentially save you money on title insurance in PA, we happen to know this state like the back of our hand.  Our Pennsylvania office location is 1000 GSK Drive, Suite 210, Pittsburgh, PA.  We’ve had our company’s main processing center located in Pittsburgh since 2010 so we know how to get your real estate transaction closed faster and better than most national title companies.

Still Learning? Entitle Direct Can Help...

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All Title Companies Do NOT Charge The Same Amount

In Pennsylvania, title fees are not mandated by the State. Title insurance companies can file and use whatever rates they choose provided they are approved by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.

You Select The Title Insurance Company

The choice is yours - not your real estate agents, loan officers or attorneys when it comes to choosing a title insurance company in Pennsylvania.

You Better Shop Around

Your mortgage lender will send you a Loan Estimate form. Section C shows the services you can shop around for. We suggest you get quotes from Entitle Direct and other Pennsylvania based title insurance providers to try to minimize these fees in their aggregate.

Time Is Of The Essence

Choosing your title insurance provider is not something you can leave until the last minute. The title company needs 7-21 days to complete its work. The clock is ticking on your rate lock. If you want to exercise your right to shop around and save, you need to act fast!

What Makes Us Unique in the Title Insurance Industry in Pennsylvania?

  • Title insurance companies can file requested title insurance premium  rates with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department (PID)
  • Once those rates are approved by PID they become in effect
  • All title insurance companies who are part of TIRBOP charge the same  rates for title insurance premiums
  • EnTitle Insurance Company, our title insurance company, is proud  NOT to have filed its rates through TIRBOP
  • This makes it very easy to compare our title insurance premium rates  against those of our competitors in Pennsylvania
  • We've issued more than 50,000 title insurance policies since our  inception alongside the vast majority of mortgage lenders

Why Pay More For Title Insurance?

Get a Quote and Compare our Pricing

Pennsylvania Homebuyers

It is customary in Pennsylvania that the homebuyer is responsible for obtaining and paying for title insurance. By using Entitle Direct you can save 35% on your title insurance premium. If you are working with a real estate agent, lender, and / or attorney, let them know that title insurance is YOUR CHOICE.

Refinancing in PA and Title Insurance

Lenders generally require title insurance on refinances for their own protection, and it is you the borrower that typically pays for it. Remember, you have the right to choose your title insurance company, and with Entitle Direct you can potentially save hundreds or thousands on your closing. We encourage you to shop around in Pennsylvania for title insurance but remember no one offers title insurance rates in PA as low as Entitle Direct. What a great way to reduce your closing costs.

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Ready to get a quote or order title? Please call the Specialist Center at 877-936-8485 between the hours of 8am - 7pm (ET) Monday-Friday or e-mail us. Our office location in Pennsylvania is 1000 GSK Drive, Suite 210, Pittsburgh, PA.