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While real estate has become a popular investment vehicle over the last 50 years, buying and owning is a lot more complicated. Entitle Direct is a nationally recognized title insurance provider specializing in savings and service.

Most real estate investors have the same goals in mind and saving money means making money on the purchase and/or rehab of Single Family Residences, Duplexes, Condominiums, Quadplexes, Rowhouses, and more. Not many are aware that they can choose the title insurer they desire; take control of these costs by selecting Entitle Direct to be your title insurance provider.

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About Entitle Direct

Entitle Direct is a national title insurance and settlement services company that sells title insurance directly to consumers.  In the vast majority of the 39 states and DC in which we are licensed, we have endeavored to file title insurance premium rates that are typically up to 25% below the standard rates of our competitors. With roots dating back to 1978, Guardian National Title Insurance Company was purchased by the Entitle Direct Group in 2008. Since that time, we have issued more than 50,000 title insurance policies to many homeowners who have asked – why pay more for title insurance?

Today, we have three offices around the country located in Pittsburgh, PA, Corona, CA, and Independence, OH, which are led by title insurance experts with decades of experience in the field.  Additionally, we have a leading technology platform that enables us to ensure the most efficient closing process for your real estate investment.

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