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Buying a home in January: Not as strange as you might think

Published: 25 Jan 2017

To most people, the early months of the year might seem like a slow time. It could certainly appear as an odd period to buy a home in, given the weather and possible sluggishness that comes with it. However, January might be the ideal month for the new buyer, and not just because it gives them time to parse out the effects of the purchase throughout the rest of the year.

Personal goals and timing make home financing easier

Published: 24 Jan 2017

The process of preparing to buy a home may be a little different for every person. It's important to understand what costs are necessary and how to arrange it in the proper amount of time. And this can have a significant effect, given the different ways markets fluctuate throughout the year.

Mortgage rates up in week of January 16

Published: 21 Jan 2017

Mortgage rates may have changed just slightly recently, but they still could command onlooker attention for new home buyers or anyone with an interest in refinancing. Bankrate reported that there has been a noticeable difference between December and January alone when it comes to the rates for both 15 and 30-year fixed mortgages. 

Parental co-ownership and the millennial home buyer question

Published: 20 Jan 2017

The home market is anticipating more millennial buyers. This generation may have suffered through the 2008 Recession but is now gaining the confidence and capital it could need to stay strong in the coming year and actually purchase new property. A Washington Post letter suggested one way that less secure millennials might still enter the market: help from their parents.

A little work can make a retirement mortgage function

Published: 18 Jan 2017

Managing a mortgage in the face of retirement can take more effort than it might seem. The process of financing and beginning the mortgage could take significant investment, making proper protection of ownership important. There are other important things retirees need to do to facilitate a home purchase, as well.

Homeowners have to honor their mortgage no matter what

Published: 16 Jan 2017

Mortgages can continue as a responsibility even when the owners don't realize it. Because of this, new buyers should remember title insurance as an addition to the purchase itself as a way to cover possible fees later on. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on this same idea albeit using the example of home insurance during a fire.

3 tips for buying a new home this year

Published: 12 Jan 2017

Preparing for a new home purchase requires research. New owners will need to both get the best deal and find a home with all of the qualities they need. Searching for the right mortgage will entail work on part of the buyer, as well as a commitment to supportive policies, such as title insurance, which will offer protection against common threats to title.

Report compares renting and buying homes for 2017

Published: 11 Jan 2017

In the coming year, potential buyers will have to consider many factors before committing to a house. One of these could be whether it's financially viable to buy at all, as opposed to renting. The answer to this will likely vary considerably based on the market, as a recent report from ATTOM Data Solutions showed.

3 reasons to purchase a duplex

Published: 10 Jan 2017

Buying a home could be an investment that pays off as time goes by, if you plan wisely. In addition to buying title insurance to protect your claim, there are also reasons you might want to purchase a double-decker house for the long term.

What it truly means to 'hold title'

Published: 06 Jan 2017

Holding title may seem like a complicated concept, so before you close on a home, you need to be clear on what it actually means. Legally, you "hold title" once you've bought the home, provided that title has transferred to you successfully and is clear of all "clouds." But there are multiple ways to actually hold title, giving you a choice based on your situation.

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