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Multiple reports show 'underwater mortgages' abating

Published: 17 Feb 2017

When a mortgage owner accrues more in debt than the market value of their property, the person may be "underwater." It can be a problem for residents, and a recent report looked at the changes in these rates seen over the last year. Fortunately for buyers, the amount of mortgage holders stuck underwater appears to be going down, at least according to ATTOM Data Solutions.

What housing markets are doing best this year so far?

Published: 16 Feb 2017

Though some California cities are well-known for expensive houses, a new report from Zillow identified some of the markets most that are best for both buyers and sellers. According to this source, there was a noticeable geographical split between these two markets, as most of the seller-friendly cities are on the west coast or southwestern U.S., while the buyer's best bets tended to be on the east coast or Midwest.

Report: More mortgage denials than there may appear

Published: 15 Feb 2017

Potential buyers still face barriers to taking out mortgages, according to an announcement from the Urban Institute. The source used data from 2014 and 2015 to compare actual mortgage denial rates with the way these denials are perceived. Added to previous figures, this information paints a larger picture of buyer activity since 1998.

3 possible factors in buyers' favor for 2017 home sales

Published: 14 Feb 2017

While housing costs remain a concern for anyone looking to purchase a home this year, there are some factors in new owners' favor for purchasing and refinancing. A major benefit is the mix of both good market conditions and finance-related tools at a buyer's disposal. Various sources revealed possible boons to those attempting to adapt to the new realities of the market, such as the following:

Survey: 3 American cities among most expensive in world

Published: 12 Feb 2017

A new survey from Demographia revealed the rankings of cities around the world in terms of affordability. The source compiled its results from eight different countries, including not just the U.S. but also New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Japan, among others.

Slight uptick in February mortgage applications

Published: 10 Feb 2017

A slight increase in mortgage applications has moved the amount in a gentle reverse course, at least according to the latest data on Feb. 8, 2017. While this could be seen as a positive trend, it may also signify exactly how tumultuous current rates and activity in the housing sector in general are. At the same time, the current application rate could still be seen as a possible improvement in the bigger picture.

New report affirms 'existence of pockets of affordable housing'

Published: 10 Feb 2017

Rising rates can paint metropolitan areas as too expensive on the whole for interested buyers to even consider. According to Zillow, buyers may want to refrain from writing off entire markets as "unaffordable," since this might not tell the whole story, at least for 2015.

Title issues complicate Mark Zuckerberg's Hawaii land purchase

Published: 07 Feb 2017

In a high-profile title dispute case, famed Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg is dealing with the complexities of local title law in Hawaii. According to the Honolulu Star Advertiser, the famous tech figure is taking part in quiet title actions as he fights for ownership rights to a section of land technically co-owned by existing residents.

Home Equity Lines of Credit could offset uncertain housing future

Published: 07 Feb 2017

The potential uncertainty of 2017 real estate may bring changes in the most-used means of financing. A home equity line of credit (HELOC) offers a possible future for those in need of home loans and other lending options. However, while one source at least suggested that there's room for more HELOC use, the Federal Reserve's plans to raise rates could also put these in confusion, making them more costly.

Responding to the possible changes in interest rates

Published: 06 Feb 2017

New changes to the housing market, including higher interest rates than previously seen, could be a shock for incoming buyers to the marketplace. However, there seems to be differing opinions over the actual impact of an interest rate hike.

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