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Builders and real estate agents make efforts toward green awareness

Published: 14 Apr 2017

Environmental concerns are common for many, and these can drive decisions in several different areas, including home sales. Multiple reports have come out recently supporting the role that sustainability can play in the real estate market.

First, there's the general developments to be aware of. A World Economic Forum report from last January said that more than 60 percent of the global population could live in cities just 13 years from now.

At the time of the report's publication, the effort to retrofit existing homes and make them "greener" has seen progress in recent years, as commercial builders see the profit in environmental properties. Homeowners that have waited for affordable green houses to appear might therefore see new opportunities here.

The National Association of Realtors also looked at the role of sustainability in real estate, according to a paper reporting the results from February. Using 2,867 responses from NAR members, the source found that 86 percent of them had taken their own steps to personally reduce energy use and waste on their own.

Furthermore, 44 percent said that understanding lending options for solar power and energy upgrades was a market issue, making it the highest on a list of several similar energy-related concerns. The president of the organization, William Brown, highlighted the benefits of the report and the program that produced it.

"The goal of the NAR Sustainability Program is to provide leadership and strategies on topics of sustainability to benefit members, consumers and communities," he said. 

More than half of the member respondents said they were "comfortable" answering home performance questions for clients, compared to just nine percent who felt "extremely comfortable" doing this and the 27 percent who felt "somewhat uncomfortable" with the same tasks.