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Property company without title fails to evict tenant

Published: 24 Mar 2017

Title insurance showed itself to be essential once again in a Wisconsin story about a property company evicting tenants. While this would seem obvious in most cases, this one is notable in that the company trying to evict its tenant, Kaja Holdings 2 LLC, does not currently have title, and is still trying to pursue the suit. In light of this, tenants will likely see the necessity for insurance, given how complicated legal property cases can get.

The defendant in this case, a man named Jesse White, said that he has invested thousands of dollars into the home since first moving in a year and a half ago. While Kaja and its parent company, Vision Property Management, claim that White hasn't paid rent in almost a year, he argues differently, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

A later story from the same source said that Kaja and Vision lost the case. The city technically took title on Oct. 31 2016: On top of that, the original lease reportedly gave White the option to work toward ownership, which included a portion of his rent money in addition to the personal expense he said he used for repairs on the property.

The Sentinel added that Milwaukee's Real Estate Development Services Manager & Milwaukee Advocate, Amy Turim, said that the city is endeavoring to compensate White and help him recover after this legal upset.

"We're working on a couple of different pathways to turn a tough situation for Mr. White into an opportunity," she said.

In the earlier Sentinel article, Turim said that White had helped the home become habitable, since it allegedly didn't have electricity or running water beforehand. This is a claim White himself made as well, as part of his argument.