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Ups and downs for housing market, says NAHB

Published: 03 May 2017

The National Association of Home Builders published its updated Housing Market Index figures to include estimates for April 2017. This allows readers to look as far back as 12 months and see the rise and fall of the scale, based on the shifts in the single-family housing market and the level of buyer activities in different regions, among other things.

The results show a series of spikes, including one in March 2017, followed by a dip during the proceeding month. As of the time of writing, the preliminary figure for the Housing Market Index in April was 68, three points lower than it had been in March. That month was in itself a 6 point rise over February, but February had actually dropped two points from the January rating, which was in turn two points lower than December.

Of the 12 months in this report, the highest rating so far was March's, and the western egion of the U.S. had the highest index ranking of all the different places examined during each month. The sales rates are possibly one part of the data contributing to a bigger picture of current market conditions.

As an example of this, the NAHB also released information last year about a shortage in laborers and subcontractors, something that has built up since 2012. A survey showed a particularly high shortage of framing crews, with 27 percent of polled builders calling it a "serious shortage" in 2016. This was also the group with the highest shortage of contractors within the same year.

Since the overall lack of has apparently trended higher and higher with each year, homeowners may need to stay alert as to how this might affect their own choices of properties, especially as they look to move in first.