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Mortgage rates, applications go in opposite directions

Published: 30 Jun 2017

As evidence of the way different statistics in housing can follow their own paths, the last week in June saw divergent trends for mortgage rates and mortgage application volume. Both may depend on the overall context of their respective patterns for the full effect.

3 effects associated with new home buyers

Published: 30 Jun 2017

Every shift in housing demographics and age will likely come with a flurry of consequences for the market. To accurately see what this will mean for the newest generation of home buyers, especially the millennial-aged potential residents, it may be necessary to look at the trends that are still in formation and could possibly impact the housing market as a whole. The following trends may not be new but are reportedly very much in progress.

Freddie Mac: Mortgage rates basically still same on penultimate June week

Published: 30 Jun 2017

With the mortgage rate data for the week of June 22 up, Freddie Mac noted a very minor dip in 15 and 30-year fixed-rate mortgages, as well as 5/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgages. All of these saw the average rates drop by approximately .01 of a percentage point in the span of a week, pointing to an overall sense of stability. This result is also notable for the consistency of the slight decline over all three categories.

Buying housing shares: The new risks and appeal

Published: 29 Jun 2017

High costs and competitive markets could understandably propel new potential homeowners to try some creative solutions for gaining property. The potential issues may come, however, if these tactics inadvertently lead to risk.

New home sales statistics show gains from May

Published: 29 Jun 2017

The Census Bureau recently released a statement on new residential home sales as of May 2017. This release said that the new single-family homes sold at a rate of 610,000 per year, climbing approximately 8.9 percent over its standing in the previous year.

Report: Housing outlook stays strong

Published: 27 Jun 2017

A new report puts housing data for the entire country in a grander context, at least for the first few months of this year. Nationwide's Health of Housing Markets Report for the first quarter of 2017 has several insights, but chief among them is the general announcement about housing market performance. According to this report, the company's Leading Index of Healthy Housing Markets has stayed almost exactly at the same spot as last year, perhaps indicating a continuing pattern.

ALTA: No title insurance for 20 percent of homebuyers

Published: 23 Jun 2017

According to the American Land Title Association, roughly a fifth of Americans purchasing homes aren't taking the important step of securing title insurance. In a June 19 statement, the source said that the amount of buyers who forego this insurance was "approximately 20 percent" and listed the numerous factors that could threaten a homeowner without title protection.

Large homes reach significant milestone

Published: 22 Jun 2017

From an anecdotal perspective, it usually seems like tiny houses and small urban apartments make up much of the homes on the market these days. As far as construction is concerned, though, the opposite may be true, at least according to recent housing-related census data.

Week of June 19 brings mostly solid mortgage rates, says source

Published: 21 Jun 2017

The penultimate week of June brought relatively stable mortgage activity, according to some recent figures. The NerdWallet Mortgage Rate Index said that the week's levels began "on a steady note" after some small signs of fluctuation. For both 30 and 15-year fixed-rate mortgages, the period between June 5 and 6 represented a dip before a minor apparent course correction.

Another rate adjustment suspected from Federal Reserve

Published: 07 Jun 2017

Earlier this year, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates after already doing so a few months earlier. There have been hints all along that more rate changes may come before 2018, and June may be the month when the next increase starts. Both The New York Times and Reuters used comments from Federal Reserve Governor, Lael Brainard, as the basis for this prediction.

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