Texas Homebuyers & Homeowners

Sure title insurance premium rates are set by the Texas Department of Insurance, but escrow and other settlement fees are not!  Entitle Direct has reduced and/or eliminated some of these settlement and escrow fees so that you can save money on your closing costs in Texas.

For Purchases in Texas

Our escrow fee charge is just $200.
In addition, we do not charge a courier or notary fee.

For Refinances in Texas

Our escrow fee charge is just $150.
In addition, we do not charge a courier or notary fee.

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About Entitle Direct

Entitle Direct is a different kind of title insurance company that helps empower savvy consumers to take control of their mortgage settlement process and reduce their closing costs.  Over the years, we have saved consumers in aggregate millions of dollars nationwide on their title insurance premiums while still providing unparalleled service and support.

  • Founded in 2008 with the mission to save homebuyers and homeowners money on title insurance
  • Issued more than 50,000 title insurance policies since our inception alongside the vast majority of mortgage lenders
  • Supported by 3 offices nationwide filled with knowledgeable and passionate title experts dedicated to providing outstanding service

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