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  1. You will buy title insurance every time you buy or refinance a home and borrow money. Your savings are magnified whenever you refinance through ENTITLE DIRECT.

  2. For the first time, you can choose your own title insurance company and review important documents prior to closing, including sample documents. This will reduce your
    closing anxiety.

  3. You can take control of your own closing with our industry-first Control Panel.

  4. Federal and state governments have long criticized the title insurance industry.
    ENTITLE DIRECT responded.

Title Insurance News

Home prices continue gains in March
The residential housing market had further positive news during the early part of this year, as home price gains may signal that it is a step closer to recovery.
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Mortgage rates fall again in April
The residential housing market experienced a number of improved conditions as of late, but a recent slide in mortgage rate averages may have more potential homebuyers ready to take advantage of the affordability.
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Mortgage applications jump in mid-April
More consumers may be taking advantage of the seasonable weather and finally getting serious about the residential housing market, which could be a positive indicator of future strengthening.
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Home purchase applications rise during March
The frequency of consumers looking to acquire residential properties recently increased, which could bode well for the housing market.
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Builder confidence approaches benchmark in April
Residential real estate industry members may slowly be gaining confidence in market prospects, which could be positive for those looking to get involved with a home purchase in the future.
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Many American housing markets show activity improvements
The residential housing market showed a number of positive conditions in general during the past year, but the effect may be starting to hit more specific markets throughout the country.
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Foreclosure situation shows some improvement in first quarter
Those Americans looking to get involved with the residential housing market may have renewed confidence, as the foreclosure situation showed some improvement in recent months.
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Mortgage rates become slightly more affordable in mid-April
The residential housing market experienced a number of positive conditions in recent months, but homeowners may be happy about the leveling of mortgages, as it may make purchasing a property more affordable.
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Mortgage applications show mixed signals in early April
The housing market had some bumpy conditions during the past several months, but there may be some reasons to be optimistic going forward, especially regarding the mortgage situation.
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Americans may be more optimistic about housing market
There may be a long way to go toward housing market recovery, but some positive signs in potential homebuyer optimism are surfacing.
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Home prices continue improvement in February
A major indicator of housing market progress is the steady gain in home price levels, and this continued to pick up steam during the early part of 2013, which may be beneficial to some potential homebuyers interested in getting involved in a healthier market situation.
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Home sales struggle, but prices improve markedly in February
The housing market may still be dealing with some difficult seasonal aspects, and this could prevent measurements from looking strong for the near future.
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Potential homebuyers may feel better about housing market conditions
The residential housing market may see a boost in popularity from potential homebuyers, especially as economic and other outside conditions continue to gain steam.
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Mortgage rates trend down in mid-March
Some potential homebuyers may be waiting for a bit longer to make a purchase, as some aspects of the mortgage market took a step back recently.
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Home purchase applications jump in February
Housing market popularity may be on the rise, especially with the heightened interest from consumers looking to get involved with a new property purchase.
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More Americans want home purchases
The residential housing market recently experienced a boost in multiple measurements that may suggest progress toward recovery is underway.
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Mortgage rates improve in mid-March
Residential housing market conditions, especially improvements in the mortgage situation, may be more attractive to those looking to make a home purchase.
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Mortgage applications slip during early March
Consumers may still be concerned about residential housing market conditions and affordability, which could have a negative effect on the number of mortgages they apply for.
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Home prices jump to start year
The residential housing market may be gaining some steam due to improvements in multiple categories.
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Homes with equity increases markedly in 2013
Owning a home can be a notable strain on some consumers' wallets, and mortgage trouble has been a theme for years.
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