Your Home Sale with ENTITLE DIRECT

Your ENTITLE DIRECT Closing Specialist will work with you to ensure the smooth and on-time completion of your closing that is free of closing anxiety. The following steps summarize the ENTITLE DIRECT closing process.

Receive a Free Estimate for Title Insurance and Closing Services

ENTITLE DIRECT offers title insurance at savings of up to 35%: a savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Depending upon where you live and local custom, the seller of residential property is responsible to pay for and provide the buyer with an owner's policy of title insurance. When you are paying for title insurance as the seller, you have the right to choose who will provide the title insurance owner's policy. By choosing ENTITLE DIRECT, you will receive significant savings and will be in control of your closing. When working with a real estate agent or attorney, please be sure to let them know you will be working with ENTITLE DIRECT and provide them with your Certificate of Entitlement. (You may click here for a copy of your Certificate.)

Place an Order for Title Insurance and Closing Services

You may place your order by contacting one of our ENTITLE DIRECT Closing Specialists at 1-877-9ENTITLE (1-877-636-8485). At this time, our Closing Specialist will also ask for a copy of your real estate contract or purchase and sale agreement which will provide us with the necessary information to start your order. Your Closing Specialist will also ask you to provide credit card information. However, your credit card will not be charged unless you cancel your transaction after the title commitment has been provided to you by ENTITLE DIRECT. The amount of the charge will be the cost of the title search that we order on your behalf so that we can issue your title commitment.

Monitor and Control Your Closing with the Assistance of Your Personal ENTITLE DIRECT Closing Specialist and Our Industry-First Control Panel

ENTITLE DIRECT provides you with a Control Panel that allows you to send and receive information to and from your Closing Specialist. The Control Panel also provides useful tools including a Check List, Communications Center, Calendar, and Consumer Task List that are available to assist you in all aspects of your closing.

Share Information with Your Real Estate Agent, Attorney, or Any Other Service Provider through Our Industry-First Control Panel

You will have the opportunity to offer the real estate professionals working with you access to your Control Panel. This is the first time that both consumers and professionals can access up-to-date closing information and receive reminders and other communications in one central location.

Track Your Closing Costs with Our Updated Draft HUD-1 Settlement Statement

Throughout the closing process, we will provide an updated draft HUD-1 Settlement Statement that will provide you with information regarding the fees and costs that you will need to pay at closing. While other fees (such as fees from your lender) may not be available or may change subsequent to the time your order is confirmed by our ENTITLE DIRECT Closing Specialist, your fees and costs for title insurance and closing services are provided up front by ENTITLE DIRECT.

Receive and Review Copy of Your Title Commitment

After our underwriters at EnTitle Insurance Company receive a copy of the title search, they will prepare a title commitment that they will upload to your Control Panel for your review. ENTITLE DIRECT will also provide this information to the buyer's lender, real estate agent, lawyer, or any other service provider that may require a copy. The title commitment will include information about existing mortgages, liens, judgments, easements, and other matters that may affect the title to the property you are selling. If there are mortgages or liens that you believe should not be a part of the commitment, you should notify your Closing Specialist at your earliest convenience.

Clear All Title Issues

Your ENTITLE DIRECT Closing Specialist will do what is necessary to clear the conditions found in the title commitment, including the payoff of existing mortgages and the release of liens.

Review Copies of Your Closing Documents Prior to Your Closing

ENTITLE DIRECT provides for the on-line review of your closing documents prior to your closing. This will eliminate surprises at the closing table, and will enable you to go into your closing relaxed and in control, free of closing anxiety.

Arrange for Signing and Execution of Closing Documents

You may choose to have ENTITLE DIRECT provide a closer to deliver and assist in the execution of the documents at the closing table or at a location chosen by you. ENTITLE DIRECT will also arrange for the timely and accurate disbursement of closing funds to all parties, including the payoff of existing mortgages.

Issue Title Policy and Store All Closing Documents in Consumer's File

Upon confirmation that the necessary mortgage documents are recorded, EnTitle Insurance Company will issue the title insurance policy. A copy of the title insurance policy issued to the buyer and lender will be stored in your file along with all of your other closing documents.

Owner's Policy X
A title policy that provides coverage up to the purchase price of the property. When compared to a lender's policy, an owner's policy protects owner's equity in the property.
Closing AnxietyX
The unnecessary level of stress felt by consumers in the time period leading up to and including their home closing or refinancing. This is usually brought on by receiving the HUD-1 Settlement Statement and other documents for the first time at closing. Symptoms include feeling uninformed and writing checks for last-minute surprise closing costs. Recommended Treatment: ENTITLE DIRECT.