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  1. You will buy title insurance every time you buy or refinance a home and borrow money. Your savings are magnified whenever you refinance through ENTITLE DIRECT.

  2. For the first time, you can choose your own title insurance company and review important documents prior to closing, including sample documents. This will reduce your
    closing anxiety.

  3. You can take control of your own closing with our industry-first Control Panel.

  4. Federal and state governments have long criticized the title insurance industry.
    ENTITLE DIRECT responded.

How To Begin

  1. Tour the ENTITLE DIRECT website.

  2. Get an instant title insurance quote.

  3. Register with ENTITLE DIRECT after receiving your instant title quote (or register in the upper right hand corner of any page).

  4. At this point you may request that an ENTITLE DIRECT Closing Specialist call you to obtain additional information about your closing. The information that the Closing Specialist will need, includes:

    • Copy of Purchase and Sales Agreement (or its equivalent)

    • Lender Information and Mortgage Commitment (if available) for customers that are refinancing their home

  5. Your ENTITLE DIRECT Closing Specialist will direct you to the Contact Information area of our website and ask you to provide additional information about the closing professionals who are assisting you in your transactions, including your lender and realtor.

  6. You will be guided through the closing process by both your ENTITLE DIRECT Closing Specialist and our industry-first Control Panel.