Our Vision for Title Insurance


  • The Problem

    We were not the only ones to see the problem. Far from it! Regulators saw it. Consumer advocates decried it. The news media reported on it with increasing concern.

    The problem is the closing. A system that inherently keeps homeowners in the dark, that requires them to sign contracts and checks for things they do not understand, at prices they do not choose. A system under which an 80% commission on title insurance issued through agents became the norm! A curious corner of anxiety in a free, optimistic country.

  • The Solution

    Our founder and CEO, Tim Dwyer, determined to do something about it.

    Tim saw something better. We call it the Open Closing. It's a place, both real and metaphorical, where home buyers, sellers, and refinancers can be confident, knowledgeable, and in control. A place without walls or pressure, where everyone has the right and the time to read, review, and question all of their closing documents well in advance. Where they know exactly what checks would need to be written at the closing table, and to whom and why. Where there would be no surprises. In the place of anxiety, there would be excitement. In the place of confusion, knowledge. In place of intimidation, confidence.

  • The future

    And most importantly, it's a place where true competition among title insurance companies would lead to huge savings for home buyers, sellers and refinancers. Where buying direct from the insurance company would eliminate the standard significant commissions (and lead to better service, too!)

ENTITLE DIRECT exists to realize this vision and deliver on that promise to you. Every day.