Owning a Home and
The American Dream
go hand-in-hand, and we want to protect it.

It's time to take action and we need you!

With your help, ENTITLE DIRECT will bring a million keys to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions to show our lawmakers the importance the American public places on owning a home. You will send an important message to our leaders: the housing market must be a priority on the nation's public policy agenda.

Help spread the message and support the Million Key Cause by mailing a key or signing electronically.

Did You Know?

  • For every two homes sold, one job is created.
  • Each home purchased pumps up to $60,000 into the economy.
  • Homeownership accounts for over $2 trillion of the U.S. GDP.

Whether you're a prospective home buyer, a current home owner or a mortgage or real estate professional—your voice can protect the American Dream. Join the Million Key Cause today and ENTITLE DIRECT will make sure your voice is heard.

Read more about how the American Dream of homeownership is being threatened and why responsible homeownership is important to the economy.

Two ways to send in a key and support our cause!

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