Settlement Services

ENTITLE DIRECT will provide you with a seamless, transparent closing

Let’s start with the definition – what is a ‘closing’, ‘settlement’, or ‘escrow closing’?  Are they the same thing? 

The Settlement Process, Closing, Escrow Closing or Escrow Process as they might be known (depending on which part of the country you are in) are all terms that essentially mean the same thing.  It’s the process that occurs between the time a property seller accepts the purchase agreement and the buyer takes ownership of the house.  In other words, it’s the process whereby the title or ownership to the property is transferred to the buyer.  It also refers to the process of refinancing a property.

Your Personal Closing / Settlement Specialist

Relax with ENTITLE DIRECT.  Our goal is to provide you with a seamless, transparent closing process while minimizing your closing and title insurance costs. You will have access to your own personal ENTITLE DIRECT Closing Specialist who will coordinate your entire closing and assist you throughout the closing process.

Call us now 1-877-936-8485 to save money on title insurance and get great service too.

Our Closing Specialists and partners will assist in a smooth, on-time closing, PLUS:

  • Up-front guaranteed fees and rates
  • Unsurpassed data security
  • The scheduling of your closing with your lender, realtor and other closing professionals
  • The secure handling of all escrow funds and preparation of all necessary checks prior to closing
  • Frequent updates on the status of your closing
  • Arranging the attendance of an experienced real estate closer who will supervise the execution and completion of your closing documents at the settlement
  • The payoff of all existing mortgages and liens on the property you are buying, selling, or refinancing
  • The recording of all necessary closing documents with the appropriate government entity

In a majority of states our Closing Specialists will complete your entire transaction. If you live in one of several states, your state laws may require that a local attorney be involved in your home closing to some extent.

In the following 43 states it is your choice whether or not you retain an attorney:

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California ColoradoFlorida Hawaii Idaho Iowa Illinois Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New YorkNorth Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming


In the following 7 states, you may be required to retain a local attorney. Your ENTITLE DIRECT Closing Specialist will discuss this with you.

ConnecticutDelaware Georgia Massachusetts North Carolina South Carolina Vermont


Despite the possible requirement that you retain a local attorney, you still choose the title insurance provider and can save up to 25% by going with ENTITLE DIRECT. Please inform your attorney, lender and realtor that you have chosen ENTITLE DIRECT and provide them with a copy of your Certificate of Entitlement.

To learn more about our Closing / Settlement Specialist go here. Or call the Specialist Center at 1-877-936-8485 between the hours of 8am – 7pm (ET) Monday-Friday or email us at