Title Insurance Knowledge

ENTITLE DIRECT prides itself on the depth of title insurance knowledge that our staff possesses regarding the markets that we serve; we are pleased to share that title insurance knowledge with you via the links below:

  • What is Title Insurance: Learn why title insurance is important and what types of policies and coverage are available.
  • Title Insurance FAQ: Familiarize yourself with the answers to commonly asked questions pertaining to title insurance.
  • Title Insurance Glossary: Review our comprehensive glossary and familiarize yourself with terms that are common to title insurance as well as the closing process.
  • Title Insurance Industry Criticism: Sample what some of the nation's finest newspapers and magazines are saying about the need for change and increased consumer advocacy in the title insurance industry, a cause which ENTITLE DIRECT has pledged to champion.
  • Our Response to Title Insurance Industry Reform: Understand what ENTITLE DIRECT is doing to address specific concerns raised by the US Government Accountability Office and Dept. of Housing and Urban Development regarding the need for change in the title insurance industry.
  • Title Insurance News: Stay abreast of current developments and relevant issues in title insurance and related topics, such as closing costs and mortgages, using our custom research; new insights are added every business day.