Your Attorney

The Choice of Title Insurance Rests with the Party Paying for the Insurance –
The Choice is YOURS!

Title Insurance – It is YOUR choice

Under the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act, a federal law governing virtually all residential real estate transactions, the choice of the title insurance provider ultimately rests with the party paying for the title insurance and not with any other participant in the transaction. It is your choice.

At ENTITLE DIRECT we understand that consumers have a choice with respect to their title insurance and settlement services provider. That’s why ENTITLE DIRECT was started – to provide high-quality title insurance at significant savings to you – the title insurance decision maker.

While we and our business partners do not practice law, Our Client Services Specialists are experienced and highly qualified individuals who are specifically trained to work only on residential real estate transactions. We do recommend that whenever you have questions or need advice regarding your legal rights and responsibilities that you consult an attorney.

ENTITLE DIRECT Works Closely with Your Attorney

In a limited number of states you may be required to retain a local attorney due to your state's statutes. These states may require that you engage a local attorney to represent you in the closing or that an attorney must perform or oversee some or all aspects of a residential real estate closing. Regardless, you always have the right to choose from whom you purchase your title insurance. ENTITLE DIRECT complies with all state laws that place limits on the role of non-attorneys in real estate transactions.

Even when closing with an attorney, you are still the decision maker when it comes to the title insurance company. ENTITLE DIRECT works closely with your attorney to ensure a timely and efficient closing.

If you or your attorney have questions regarding the closing process or about ENTITLE DIRECT, please contact us by phone 1-877-936-8485 or e-mail